Active Bugs

Loom posts all active incidents to our Loom Status page. We also want to be transparent about critical bugs we're working on so we'll be actively updating this page to keep our users in the loop.

Current active bugs 

Cam bubble appearing intermittently 

Status: Being actively resolved. We have immediately prioritized a fix and have a resolution shipping with the next desktop release, which is currently scheduled for 7/21.
Reported: 18 July, 2022. 

Details: A bug in how state is managed in the Loom desktop app has resulted in the camera bubble appearing without users intentionally starting the Loom app. This bug appears in particular on app restarts (e.g. from a version update or from a computer startup). This bug can make it appear that Loom is recording the user’s screen without permission.

This bug was believed to have been localized to a limited feature flag, but it actually impacts all users.  We will update this page as soon as the bug is fixed.

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