Loom Webinars

🎥 Loom 101 | Getting started with Loom

If you're new to Loom, start here (watch in 1.5x). 

1:40 Meet Loom!
6:06 Getting Started
10:17 Demo
24:21 Tips + Tricks

🎥 Loom for Admins | Administering your Enterprise Loom Workspace

If you're an Admin setting up your Enterprise workspace, start here! 

01:52 General Settings
10:00 Plan and Billing Tab
11:24 Members Tab
12:51 Groups
13:41 Appearance
14:36 Security Settings (SSO, SCIM, Domains, Domain Capture)
18:02 Data and Reporting
20:48 Integrations

🎥 Change Management | Effective Strategies using Async Video

Change Management can be a challenge but Loom can help. This webinar discusses practical strategies for using async video to manage change in your organization. 

Stay tuned for more to come soon 👋

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