How folders and sharing have transformed

Finding folders and sharing content has just gotten a whole lot easier! πŸ—‚

We have centralized folders into one place to help your team discover content with ease.

How folders have transformed

Previously, folders were stored between your Personal and Team Library. Now, all Personal and Team library folders will be stored in the Folders tab in your new Library. Your folders will still retain the same privacy settings and video content. 


Folders previously stored in your Personal Library will be "Not Posted" which means they are still private and only accessible to you. For any folders previously stored in your Team Library, these will be β€œPosted” which means they will still be viewable and editable to your Workspace members.

Why we made this change

Our intention behind centralizing folders is to help you organize and find looms that matter to your work with ease. This change comes alongside a larger revamp to Loom workspaces to give you more ways than ever before to share your content beyond folders! πŸŽ‰

New ways of sharing 

You now have new ways to help your team stay organized and uncover new content. Here are a couple of new ways to share outside of using foldersβ€”

  • Post to your workspace - Post a folder or videos to make it discoverable to other members of your workspace. Posting will allow members in your workspace to view and edit your folder or video.


  • Tag your video - Add tags to your loom to group together videos on a specific topic or highlight new content in your library.
  • Use Mentions - Loop your team in with conversation using @-mentions in comments. 

How to navigate folders

In your Loom Libary under the Folders tab, you can find all your individual and team folders. You can filter by Created by me (individual folders),  Posted (folders you and teammates have posted), or both!


Managing videos with folders

We've made it easy to see which videos are and are not in folders. In your Library, you can use the Folder Status dropdown to see if a video is in a folder or not.



⚠️Please note by default all folders you create will be β€˜Not Posted’ and only visible to you.


Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here. 

Happy recording! πŸŽ₯πŸ˜„


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