New terms and privacy policy—January 2022

You can read full updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on our website.

What did we change?

  • Improved readability: We’ve reorganized and revised both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to make them easier to understand and navigate.

Changes to our Terms of Service

  • More clarity on how our service works and roles and responsibilities: We’ve included more explanation on certain service features and user roles. We've also added clarification around responsibilities and expectations for both Loom and our users.
  • Additional security measures: We've incorporated our standard security measures into our terms to provide additional detail on our security practices.
  • Explanation on our use of subcontractors: We've explained the limited circumstances where we may use subcontractors.
  • Additional beta services disclaimer: We've included a disclaimer that features and services in beta may not be as secure or reliable as our core video messaging service.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

  • More detail on data transfers and how to exercise data rights. We’ve added information about our legal data transfer mechanisms and more detail on how users can exercise their rights with respect to their data.
  • Included our appointed EEA and UK representative. We've included the contact information for our representative in the European Economic Area and UK for European and UK data subjects.
  • Clarified age requirement. We've clarified that users under 13 (or the age of digital consent in their country) are not allowed to sign up for Loom.

When do these updates take effect?

These updates will take effect on January 31, 2022.

Will these changes apply to me if I'm an existing user?


Will these updates change how I can use Loom?

No, you can still use Loom in the same way.

Will these changes affect how Loom stores and processes my data?

No, we've only added more clarification and detail on how we use your data.

Any other issues/questions not included above?

Contact our support team for further help.

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