How to correct your transcript

Correct and remove words from your transcripts. ✨

Transcript corrections allow you to edit one or all instances of a word and delete any unwanted words. Any corrections made to your transcripts will be reflected in your closed captions as well.

Keep in mind you will only be able to edit individual words in your transcript, not the grammar (we currently don’t support corrections to words containing special characters or diacritics - ü, ß, ñ, á, ç, ô, è)

Here's how to correct your transcript: 

  1. After you've recorded your video, click Transcript from your side panel. Once you have your transcript open, you will want to click Edit at the very top. 


  2. From here you can either search or click on a particular word you want to edit. Once you have selected a word, you can choose to Delete, Correct or Correct all instances of the word.


  3. If you accidentally deleted a word or want to reverse your corrections, you can click the arrow at the top of your transcript to undo all corrections made.


  4. When you finish editing, click Done, and all changes will be reflected in your transcript and closed captions. 🎉 

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Happy recording! 🎥😄

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