Promo code FAQ

Save money on your Business plan with a promo code. πŸ”

Who is eligible to use a promo code?

Promo codes are only for new self-serve Business customers. Promo codes are not valid on any Enterprise plan.

I'm already paying for Loom, can I apply a promo code?

No. Promo codes are only valid for net new customers.

How do I apply a promo code?

On the checkout page you can apply one promo code. The checkout page only displays if you are a non-paying Loom customer.


I found a better promo code but I already applied one to my account, can I upgrade?

No, once a promo code has been applied you are not eligible to switch or upgrade promo codes.

Are promo codes valid for annual plans?

Yes, promo code discounts stack on top of the standard 20% discount for annual plans.

Help, my promo code doesn't work!

There could be several reasons why your promo code doesn't work:

  • It was used too many times
  • It's expired
  • Your account isn't eligible to use the promo code


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