How to import contacts from Slack to your Workspace (Admins only)

Easily sync your contacts from Slack. 💻

Syncing your contacts from Slack makes it easy to send invites to your Workspace and find the people you want to share videos with. 

Here's how to import your contacts from Slack:

  1. Go to the Integrations tab of your Workspace settings.
  2. Under Slack contacts, click Connect.

  3. This will open a modal to invite your Slack teammates. After you accept the permissions, you'll see a list of your Slack contacts. By default, all are selected, but you can select individuals if you don't want to invite the whole team.

  4. From here, you can send invites and select roles.


Even if you don't send invites to all your Slack contacts to join Loom, because all the contacts are synced, we'll now autofill these contacts' names as you're typing them to share videos you've recorded. This makes it easy to find the people you want to share with.

⚠️ We currently limit the number of imported contacts to 50,000 contacts. 


Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here.

Happy recording! 🎥😄

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