How to suppress background noise

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Background noise suppression brings more focus to your voice by reducing background sounds in the audio of recorded Looms. This is great to use if you need to record in a noisy environment, such as a coffee shop or office! 

Here's how to suppress background noise for your videos

  1. After you've recorded your video, click the Settings tab from your right-hand side panel. From here, you can enable background noise suppression by toggling the Noise filter from grey to purple.  

  2. If you want to enable background noise suppression for all videos you record going forward, click on Set defaults and toggle on Noise filter. This will ensure all new videos you record going forward will have reduced background noise. 


  3. After you have modified the video settings, click Save and refresh your video page. You should now have reduced background noise in your video.🎉



Can I undo background noise suppression, if I prefer the original audio?  
Yes, the original audio for your video can be recovered instantly. All you need to do is open your Video Settings and toggle Noise filter off. 
Will my downloaded Loom video have suppressed background noise? 
No, if you select a video to have reduced background noise, this will be reflected in the web player but downloaded loom videos will include the original audio


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