Understanding Embedding with Loom: Videos, GIFs & Thumbnails

Embedding your videos creates a seamless viewing experience for your recipients. 🖥

Where can I embed my videos?  

You can embed your videos into most websites and platforms. However, some websites and platforms do block the ability to embed videos. To do this you'll need to use the Loom embed code.

In cases where you are unable to embed your video, we suggest using our embedded GIF thumbnail as this option is accepted by more platforms.

⚠️ Please note we are not able to control or manage the dimensions of Loom video previews inside certain applications such as Slack.

Can I embed my video into an email? 

Most email clients do not support this, so instead, we suggest using our embedded GIF thumbnail as this option is accepted by more platforms. When sharing this way, the GIF is a looped segment of a Loom video that is hyperlinked. Your viewers will be redirected to a new webpage when clicking on the GIF. This is a great option as it helps alleviate fears of clicking an unknown link by providing a visual preview of the video. 

⚠️ Some email platforms, such as Apple Mail, require users to adjust settings in order to display a linked GIF. Double-check your settings to allow the loading of remote content and disable any restrictions.

What other ways does Loom Embed videos? 

We have a few different methods through which we automatically embed Loom videos: 

  • Chrome extension
    If you have our Chrome Extension installed, we have the ability to convert your Loom link into embedded video players for select applications (including Github, Gmail, etc.).
    You can check out the full list here.

  • Loom EmbedSDK
    This developer tool allows any developer or application to add code that automatically converts Loom links into embedded video players. Other developers use Loom's SDK to build it themselves (including Slack, Trainual, Linear).

  • Integrations with Embedly and iFramely
    These are common 3rd party services that Loom integrates with. They allow Loom videos to seamlessly embed into various platforms like Medium, Trello, Notion and many more. 

  • Embedding manually with the iFrame code from your share settings
    For any website that supports iFrame embed, you can simply copy the code and embed your Loom video.

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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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