Posting videos to your workspace

Post your video to make it easily discoverable to your team and visible in your profile. πŸ’¬

All videos you create will be private by default in your workspace. This means they're visible to only you unless you choose to share the link or click Post to workspace. If you choose to post your video it becomes instantly discoverable to the members of your workspace and will appear in search results. Everyone in your workspace will be able to view it and it will appear on your Profile as well. 

Best practices for posting your videos

What is a Posted vs. Not Posted video in my workspace? 

  • Posted videos: Your video is discoverable to other members of your workspace. A posted video can appear in search results, profiles, and tag pages.

    Posted videos will show under your Posted filter at the top of your Library, as well as in your Profile.

  • Not Posted videos: Your video is only visible to you in your workspace (unless you intentionally share the link).

πŸ’‘ Keep in mind, all links you share outside of your workspace are still public by default. 



Filtering to 'posted' videos or 'created by you'.

By default, your Library will display videos that have been created by you, as well as those videos posted by your fellow workspace members. To see only videos you've made, you'll need to click Created by me


What is a Loom profile?

Your Loom profile is a collection of your posted videos that will be visible to other members of your workspace.

Your profile will display all videos you have posted, along with your name, location (optional), and role (optional).  



What can I do with my profile? 

  • Pin a video: You can pin videos that you want to show up first in your profile. This means if your colleague visits your profile, they might see your intro video or a project you're working on.
  • Following a profile or tag: You can follow your colleague's profiles to gain quick access to the videos they have posted or have posted videos under a tag. All profiles you follow will live on the left panel of your Library for easy access. Whenever someone you follow posts new content, their name will appear bold on the left panel.


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Happy recording! πŸŽ₯ πŸ˜„

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