How to set data retention rules for your team (Enterprise only)

Set rules for how long videos stay in your Workspace. ⏰

If you're a Workspace Admin in a Loom Enterprise Workspace, you can set how long videos should remain in your Workspace before automatic deletion. This is useful if you want videos to automatically delete after a certain amount of time has passed.

Retention periods are based on creation date. For example, if you set a retention policy of 90 days, videos will be deleted 90 days after they are created.

Here's how to set your data retention rules:

  1. Go to the data tab of your Workspace settings.

  2. Under Data retention and deletion, choose your preferred setting. You can either keep videos in your Workspace forever or set a custom number of days or years to keep your data.



What happens after my data is deleted?

Data deletion is permanent, so there is, unfortunately, no way to recover deleted content.

Can I exclude certain data from being deleted?

Yes, you can exclude posted content from being deleted. This setting is turned on by default. We recommend that you post any content you want to keep for the long term.

What happens to existing content when data retention is turned on?

Videos that are already past the expiration period will be deleted within 24 hours of the data retention policy being turned on.

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