How to configure data retention rules for your team (Enterprise Only)

Set rules for how long videos stay in your Workspace. ⏰

Who has access to Data Retention features?

Only Admins on an Enterprise plan.

You can set how long videos should remain in your Workspace or a Space before automatic deletion. This is useful if you want videos to automatically delete after a certain amount of time has passed.

Below you can find how to set up Data Retention for your entire Workspace or a particular Space. 

Data Retention for a Workspace

You can set a Workspace level policy to determine how long videos should remain in your Workspace before automatic deletion.

Important to note:

Retention periods are based on the creation date. For example, if you set a retention policy of 90 days, videos will be deleted 90 days after they are created.

Here's how to set your data retention rules for a Workspace:

  1. Go to the Data tab of your Workspace settings.

  2. Under Data Retention and Deletion, choose your preferred setting. You can either keep videos in your Workspace forever or Customize the amount of time to keep your data.Screen_Shot_2021-06-15_at_3.17.05_PM.png

  3. If you choose to customize, you can choose the number of days or years to keep your data.

Data Retention for a Space (Beta)

You can set data retention for a specific space which can override any workspace data retention rules in place. 

Important to note:

  • Deletion is permanent; any videos deleted in a space will also be deleted from the video Creators Libray. 

  • Deletion is based on the video creation date, not how long the video has been living in Space.
    Example: A Space has 10 videos in it and 5 of those videos are more than 30 days old. An admin adds a 30-day retention policy to the space, then those 5 videos will be deleted within 24 hours.

  • Videos shared to multiple Spaces that have different data retention policies in place, the video will be deleted according to the most restrictive policy.
    Example: If a video is shared to Space 1 (which deletes videos older than a year) and Space 2 (which deletes videos older than a month) then the video will be deleted from both spaces after a month.

Here's how to set your data retention rules for Spaces:

  1. Go to the Space tab within your Workspace settings.

  2. Check off the space that you are looking to edit and click Set data retention on the right-hand side. 

  3.  From here you can choose how you would the video with the space stored. You can either: (1) Deleted video after 30 days (2) Deleted videos after a specific amount of time (3) Keep videos in the space forever.

Note: Only 2,000 videos per workspace can be deleted by data retention rules per day. If your workspace reaches the limit for the day, the remaining videos will be deleted the following day.


What happens after my data is deleted?

Data deletion is permanent, so there is, unfortunately, no way to recover deleted content.

Can I exclude certain data from being deleted?

Yes, you can exclude posted content from being deleted. This setting is turned on by default. We recommend that you post any content you want to keep for the long term.

What happens to existing content when data retention is turned on?

Videos that are already past the expiration period will be deleted within 24 hours of the data retention policy being turned on.

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