How to remove filler words and silences from your video

Say goodbye to your excess 'ums' and long pauses of silence! ✂️

With Looms AI Suite you can remove filler words and silences so you don't have unnecessary 'uhs' or extended moments of silence in your video. Below you can find the following:

Please Note

Filler word removal and silence removal are only available on Looms AI Suite. You can learn more about Loom's AI suite pricing and billing here

 How to remove filler words and silences:

  1. After you've recorded your video, go ahead and toggle on Remove filler words or Remove Silence from your editing side panel. 
  2. Once toggled on, your video will reload and automatically remove filler words or silences. 
  3. You can always toggle Silence removal or Filler word removal back off if you are unsatisfied.  

Note: If you download your video, Silences and Filler word removal will remain intact! ✨ 

Default settings 

 Here's how to change your default settings: 

  1. From your video Side panel, click Video Settings and then Default Settings.
  2. Under the Loom AI tab, you can toggle off or on Auto filler word removal and or Auto silence removal.
    Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 4.55.31 PM.png
  3. Then click Make this my default setting. Once your default setting is selected, all new videos you record going forward will be created with the selected default settings. 🎉 
  4. You can change your default setting at any time by following the same process. 

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