How to change your default Workspace - hitting 5 minute limit

If you upgraded to Business but are hitting a 5-minute limit, or not seeing some of your premium features, you'll need to change your 'default Workspace'. πŸ”Ž


I upgraded to Loom Business but am hitting a 5-minute limit.


It sounds like you might be part of multiple Workspaces on two different plans (one is Starter free and the other is Business). You'll need to make sure the Workspace you upgraded to the Business Plan is set as your default. If you're a member of both a Business, Education, or Enterprise Workspace and a Starter Workspace, we'll automatically select your upgraded plan to be the default.


However, if you accidentally changed the default to your Starter plan or are otherwise having issues, you can manually change it. Here's how:

  1. You can change your default Workspace in the Workspace switcher in the top left of your Personal Library

  2. Screen_Shot_2022-04-15_at_4_21_23_PM.png
  3. Or from within your Personal Settings, as shown below.

πŸ‘‰  Keep in mind, all new recordings will save in the Personal Library of the default Workspace you've set. 

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Happy recording! πŸŽ₯ πŸ˜„


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