How to update the details on your invoices & add VAT

This article walks through how to update your billing details (including how to add vat, change billing email, or address) on your future invoices. 🧾

Please note:

Only Admins have access to take the actions listed below. 

How to update billing address, payment method, and add VAT

  1. Visit your Plan & Billing page.
  2. To the right of Payment Methods, click Edit. 

  3. Once you add your country, you'll then see the option to update your address and add your VAT​​.
  4. Once updated, all your future invoices will display your VAT & company address correctly. 

How to change your billing email contact

  1. Visit your Plan & Billing page.
  2. Scroll down to the "Payment Information" section.
        Feb-21-2024 06-00-48.gif
  3. From here you'll see the option to update your billing email contact.

  4. Once updated, all billing-related emails and invoices will be sent to the billing email listed and the workspace admin.

Please keep in mind, that these changes will only update on future invoices.

Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively update invoices that have already been issued.


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