How to transfer content between Workspaces

Seamlessly transfer content from one Workspace to another. ➡️

If you're an existing Loom user who wants to join your teammate's Workspace, you may want to be able to transfer your content from your old Workspace to your team's Workspace. This allows you to keep all your content in one place and leave old Workspaces without losing content.

Content transfers allow you to move all Personal Library content from one Workspace to a different one.

Here's how to transfer your content:

  1. Go into your personal account settings and scroll down to Move content between Workspaces. Click this option and select the Workspaces you want to move to and from.


  2. If you're an Admin of your Workspace, you'll need to select whether you want to transfer your personal or videos shared to team Spaces. If you're not an Admin, you won't see this option.

  3. Your content will start transferring between Workspaces. This may take a few minutes. You'll see a confirmation message after the process is done. 


  4. Once your content transfer is done, you'll have the option to leave your old Workspace. This step is irreversible. Admins of multi-member Workspaces won't be provided with this option. If you're an Admin of a multi-member Workspace, you'll first need to make another member an Admin before you can leave.

Please Note

Transferred content will only be stored in the workspace you transferred it into and will no longer be stored in the original workspace. If you decide to stay in both your workspaces, you will only be able to access transferred content from the new workspace as content is transferred, not duplicated.


What happens to the links of my transferred videos?

Nothing! The links of the transferred videos won't change.

Can I transfer individual videos or screenshots?

No, it's currently only possible to bulk transfer your content. If you're an Admin, you can choose to transfer any or all of your Personal and Shared to All Company Space videos. Transferred content maintains its folder structure. When an Admin transfers content from the All Company Space Library, they become the owner of that content in the target Workspace.

Can I transfer content as a Viewer or Creator Lite?

Yes, if you have content, you can transfer it into another Workspace regardless of your role.

Can I transfer videos between two different accounts?

No, transferring videos is only possible at the Workspace level. We don't currently have a way to transfer content from one account to another. As a workaround, can download your videos and re-upload them to a different account if you're on a Business or Enterprise plan.

Can I transfer over Spaces created from one workspace to another?

You can transfer over videos you created and shared to a Space, but you will not be able to transfer an entire Space to another workspace.

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