How to react to videos with emojis and in-video comments

Express yourself at the right moment. 🙌

In-video comments and emojis make it easy to respond and react to a specific moment in a video as you watch it. This makes it easy to be precise in your reactions. To use them, click on the icons below the video. 


Your emoji reactions and comments will appear on the video's timeline as you leave them. Hover over a comment to expand it.


Below the video, you'll be able to see all comments.


You can also click Record a comment to respond to a loom with a loom. Your loom comment will be listed below the video with all the other comments.

In-video comments also make it possible to comment from embedded videos, so you can react wherever you're watching - no need to go into the video share page. If you're watching an embedded video, the comments will appear in the video player itself.

You can use comments to function as chapter breaks in your video, marking transition points between topics.


What happens if I react to a video while not signed into a Loom account?

If you reply to a video while not signed in, the comment or emoji reaction will appear as "anonymous." You'll be given the option to manually enter your name when you react.

What are anonymous views?
In order to identify who watched your video, the viewer must also have a Loom account and be logged in when they watch the video. If we're not able to identify the video viewer, they will show up as anonymous. There is no way to identify an anonymous viewer unless they manually leave their name with a reaction or comment.
Can I disable commenting and emoji reactions?

Yes! Turn off commenting, emoji reactions, and more in your video settings.


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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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