How to transfer Admins when an Admin has left your organization

Seamlessly change Admins, even after yours has left your organization. ↩️

If your Workspace Admin has left your organization and is no longer able to log in and transfer Admin privileges, have no fear—we have a few workarounds for you.

Option 1: Contacting your IT administrator

  1. Contact your organization's IT administrator and owner of the domain. They should be able to control the Admin's email.
  2. The IT admin should be able to go into the Admin's email, reset the password for the user that left, and make a different user an Admin.

Option 2: Provide verification of account control

  1. You can also transfer Admin status by providing some information (via support request) that proves you control your organization's Workspace in Loom.
  2. You'll need to provide the following:

    - Name on credit card associated with your organization's Workspace in Loom
    - Last four digits of credit card number
    - Credit card type
    - Credit card expiration date
    - Date and amount of last payment
  3. Once we verify this information, we can manually transfer Admin privileges. We will also send a notice to the email address of the existing Admin telling them we've made another user an Admin.

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