How to leave a Workspace

Remove yourself from a Workspace through your Personal account settings. 🔚

If you've left an organization and no longer want to be part of its Workspace in Loom, or if you're finding that you're just part of one too many Workspaces, you can leave the Workspace in your personal account settings. If you’re an Admin, you can remove others from your Workspace.

Here's how to leave a Workspace:

  1. Go to your personal account settings.

  2. Scroll down to Leave a Workspace.


  3. Select the Workspace you want to leave. To leave a Workspace, there must be at least one other Admin in it, unless you're the only member of the Workspace. If you’re the only Admin of a Workspace, the option to leave will be grayed out. You can assign other members as Admins in the Members tab of your Workspace settings.

  4. Confirm that you want to leave the Workspace.


  5. Once you've confirmed that you've left the Workspace, you can choose another Workspace to sign into or create a new Workspace. If you don't have any other Workspaces associated with your account, it will be deleted.

You can also leave a Workspace or remove other members from it in the Members tab of your Workspace settings.

What happens to my content once I leave, or get removed, from a workspace?  

  • All content you have created and shared to any Spaces will remain available and accessible to your other Workspace members in those same Spaces. 
  • All content you have created but have not shared will be inaccessible.

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