Updates to your Loom account: Basic to Starter

We're excited to announce major updates to each of our plans on Loom. Up until these updates, you've been on Loom's Basic plan. Moving forward you'll see in your Workspace settings that you're now on Loom's Starter plan.

The Starter plan, like the Basic plan, is free. There are a few key differences between the plans.

New highlights

  • A new look: Enjoy a sleek new look with a more unified design system.
  • Collaborative Workspace: Invite up to 25 other Creators to record, organize, and edit videos in your Workspace.
  • Team Library: A central video repository for all members of your Workspace.
  • Shared Library: Make select videos available to specific members in your Workspace.
  • Unlimited Viewers: Invite as many Viewers as you like to join your Workspace for free.
  • Screenshots (beta): You can now take instantly shareable images of your screen with Loom using the cmd+shift+2 keyboard shortcut.
  • Up to 100 videos and screenshots: Keep up to 100 videos and screenshots in your Workspace for easy access.
  • Up to 25 Creators: Bring the whole team together with up to 25 Creators in your Starter account.
  • Restrict access by email address: We've improved privacy options to allow for video view restrictions based on email address.

Please be aware

  • 5 minute limit: To continue to make Loom available for free, we’ve introduced a 5-minute limit on new video recordings. The limit does not apply to your existing recordings and if you need to record longer videos, you can now get a lot more value with Loom Business – starting at just $10/mo.
  • Password-protected videos: You'll no longer be able to add a password to your videos, although you can now restrict access by email address.
  • Search: You won't be able to search for videos in your Workspace using the search tool.
  • Archived videos: If you have videos saved in your archive, they'll count toward your overall video limit of 100 videos and screenshots.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here.

Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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