Loom for Teams FAQ

Understanding our new Business & Enterprise plans 👥

What is Loom for Teams?

Loom for Teams features two paid plans for you to use Loom with your entire team – Business and Enterprise.

How is Loom for Teams different from my current Loom experience?

Business and Enterprise plans include Workspaces, allowing you to invite additional members to create, organize and edit videos in one place. Additional features include a Team Library, Custom Branding, and Engagement Insights, along with advanced administration like centralized user management and Single Sign-On (SSO). See a full overview and request access to start a free 14-day trial here.

What happens to my videos if I accept an invite to a Workspace?

If you have an existing Loom account with an email address invited to a new Workspace subscribed to Business or Enterprise, your existing videos be moved to your Personal Library in the new Workspace. Videos in your Personal Library are 100% private and only be viewable by you, unless of course you have chosen to share them.

If you have other Loom accounts that are not invited to join a team Workspace, you'll need to manually transfer your videos by downloading and re-uploading them, using the new Video Upload feature.


Loom for Teams Free Trial 🆓

How long is the free trial of Business and Enterprise?

Trials for Business and Enterprise plans are 14 days long.

What happens at the end of my free trial of Business or Enterprise?

At the end of your free trial, if you choose to not continue using Business or Enterprise, you'll lose access to the features exclusive to the Business and Enterprise plans (read here for a full list of features).

If you choose to continue using Business or Enterprise and start a paid subscription, your billing cycle will not start until your free trial ends.

Features & Plans ⚙️

What's the main difference between the Business and Enterprise plans?

Workspaces subscribed to the Enterprise plan get access to advanced security and administration features, including Single-Sign-On (SSO), SCIM (coming soon), and Advanced Privacy Controls (coming soon).

Both the Business and Enterprise plans include all the features available on the Pro plan.

See our pricing page for a full feature comparison.


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