How to organize your videos in folders

It's easy to organize your Loom videos. 🗂

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Folders allow you to neatly organize your Loom videos in your Personal, Shared, or Team Library.

You can move, star, and rename your folders. Just keep in mind that your videos will populate in chronological order within their respective folders.


Creating folders

To create a new folder, select New Folder at the top right corner in your Library.

To add videos to a folder you can either click on the folder icon below your video (after clicking on the video to open its share page), or by simply dragging and dropping your video in your Library.

Organizing your folders 

Starring folders

Using the dropdown menu on each folder, you can star folders for quick access. Your starred folder will appear in the Starred section on your left side menu. To remove the folder from your Starred section, simply click open the menu again and click Unstar.


Sharing folders 

Using the dropdown menu on each folder, you can share by clicking Make public. Clicking the Make public button on a private folder will create a public link. From here, a new sharing modal will appear containing the public link to the folder you chose to share.

This public link grants access to the folder's content without requiring sign-in. Share this link with whom you'd like to view your group of videos.


Deleting folders 
To delete a folder, first select Archive from the folder options. Then go into your Archived folder to delete it permanently. Your Archived folder is in the left sidebar of your Library.


We've added this extra step as a safeguard in case you'd like to recover any videos later. 


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Happy recording! 🎥😄


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