How to manage videos you created

Share, manage and collaborate on your Loom videos. 

Here's how to delete, duplicate, rename and move your videos:

1 | Navigate to your Video tab then hover over the video you'd like to take action on and click the three-dot menu.


2 | This will reveal the below actions you can take:

•  Move

Select Move to shift a video into a new or already created folder.

•  Rename

The Rename option allows you to change your video's title so your viewer knows what's to come. This also helps for easy retrieval via the search function later.  

•  Duplicate

Select Duplicate and your copied video's date recorded will change to the date of duplication. Hint: Duplication is useful when you're sharing the same video with different recipients and want to change the title to add a personal touch to each link. 


•  Download

The Download option allows you to download your video locally as a MP4. Your Loom video will save as per your original recording specs. 

•  Archive 

This will move your video to your Archive folder

•  Delete 

The Delete action will permanently delete your video. This action is not reversible. 


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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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