Loom for Teams Beta Billing FAQ

Credit card charges 💳 

How does Loom calculate price?

Pricing for Business and Enterprise plans is based on the number of Creators. Viewer accounts are always free, but once a Viewer records a Loom, the Viewer becomes a Creator and will be charged at the $15/month rate (for Business accounts) or $45/month rate (for Enterprise accounts). Only Viewers who have been invited to your Workspace can create and therefore become billable. Workspace admins can always find the current total cost on their Plan & Billing page.

Business Plan

$15/per month per Creator

$0/ per month for Viewer 

Example: If you have 3 Creators and 20 Viewers = you'll be charged $45 per month. 

Enterprise Plan

$45/per month per Creator

$0/ per month for Viewer 

Example: If you have 5 Creators and 100 Viewer = you'll be charged $225 per month.

Payment options:

You can be billed monthly, or annually and save 20%. We currently accept debit and credit payments but can accept alternative payment methods like ACH for Business or Enterprise plans if you email us at invoicing@loom.com. We bill per Workspace.

You Loom Plan 👤

What are the key differences between the Business and Enterprise plans?

The main difference is on the Enterprise Plan you'll have advanced security and administration features, including Single-Sign-On (SSO), SCIM, and Advanced Security Controls (coming soon!). 

Both Loom's Business and Enterprise plans include all the features on the Loom Professional plan along with Custom Branding, a Shared Library, and Engagement Insights. Full breakdown here.

Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan while on a trial or an active subscription?

While we're in our Beta phase, we don't currently support upgrades or downgrades for teams through the Plan & Billing page in Workspace settings. If you're interested in upgrading to an Enterprise plan, please contact Sales at enterprise@loom.com. If you choose not to pay before the end of your trial period, your account will automatically downgrade to the Starter (free) version of Loom.

I’m currently subscribed to the Pro plan. If I trial the new Business or Enterprise plans, will I continue to pay?

If you have an existing paid subscription of Loom, you will continue to pay the same amount for your existing subscription during the free trial of Business or Enterprise. Should you choose to continue a paid subscription of Business or Enterprise at the end of your free trial, your current subscription of Pro will end and your new subscription will be charged based on the pricing listed on our pricing page. Your billing cycle will not start until the end of your 30-day free trial.

What happens at the end of my Business or Enterprise free trial?

If you're trialing as a Business or Enterprise user and choose not to start a subscription, you'll lose access to Business and Enterprise features after 30 days. Your account will be downgraded to Loom's Starter (free) version. Read here for a full list of features you'll lose. If you choose to start a subscription, you won't be charged until after you finish your trial.

How do I move from a free trial to a paid plan?

You can enter payment information at any point during your trial in your Plan & Billing settings. You won't be charged until your trial is over. Business and Enterprise plans have a 30-day trial.

Editing who is on your team 🗂

Why can't I change the number of Creators I have?

Once a member of your Workspace records or uploads a video, they automatically become a Creator. If you're a Workspace admin, you can find the number of Creators (billable users) on your account at any given time through the Plan & Billing page within your Workspace settings.

How do I move from a Viewer to a Creator?

It's easy! Just download the recorder and create your first video. Once you've recorded (or uploaded) videos to your team's workspace, you'll automatically become a Creator.

Can I downgrade from a Creator to a Viewer?

It's not currently possible to move from a Creator to a Viewer.

Do I get a refund if I deactivate members from my Workspace?

We'll apply a prorated credit to your account for any paid Workspace members (Creators) who are deactivated. This credit will be applied to future charges for your Workspace.

For assistance with your Team's billing or account admin, please reach out to us at invoicing@loom.com and we'd be glad to assist. 


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Happy Recording! 🎥 😄

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