How to add videos to your Team Library

Adding videos to your Team Library allows you to organize, edit, and manage them in one central place. 

⚠️ Does your UI look different? Check out this article for instructions.

There are two ways you can add videos to your Team Library:

Drag and drop videos into your Team Library

  • To move your video to a shared team space for others to view or edit, drag your video to the Team Library folder. You can move multiple videos by selecting the checkbox and dragging and dropping them. 


Use the Move option to choose the destination folder in your Team Library

  • If you'd like to choose which folder your video lands in within your Team Library, use the move module. Here's how: 

    1) From your Personal Library, select the videos you'd like to move using the checkbox, then select Move in the blue navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. 

    2) A module will appear where you can choose which folder to move your selected videos to. This can be within your Team Library or Personal Library. Choose your preferred library and subsequent folder, and select Move.

    3) The video will then appear in their new location. 


Keep in mind

All videos in your Personal Library are private by default and visible to only you. Once you move a video to your Team Library, any member of your Team Workspace can watch, edit, and organize your video.  

💡Need ideas on which videos to move to your Team Library?

Here are some ways teams are using their Team Library:

  • Employee onboarding: Record your internal processes and store them in your Team Library,  when you have a new starter you can easily point them to this series of evergreen training content.
  • Record and save team meetings: If a team member misses an important meeting, they can catch up on their own time. 
  • Product Teams & Engineering Teams: Share your product demos, Q&A, report bugs, and store product training here. 
  • Support Teams: Get your support agents to record solutions to your most common issues then move these videos to your Team Library. You'll then have a shared repository to answer all your customers' questions. 

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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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