How to use your Personal, Shared, and Team Libraries

Get to know your Workspace. 🤝

Your video library is made up of three main areas (Personal, Team, and Shared Libraries). Each space has its own collaboration and privacy features to help you better manage your videos. 

Personal Library

For your eyes only.

  • Every video you record with Loom is saved in your Personal Library. All videos in your Personal Library are private by default. They are not viewable by others unless you intentionally share the video links or move the video to your Team Library.


Team Library

Viewable and editable by anyone on your team. 

  • Your Team Library provides a space to combine videos from across your organization. All videos in your Team Library can be viewed and edited by anyone on your team. This is a great space to store product demos, solutions to frequently asked questions, and recordings of team meetings for those who couldn't make it. With the folder structure, you can easily organize your videos to suit your team's needs! 


Shared Library 

Viewable and editable by select team members. 

  • Your Shared Library is a space for private collaboration. If a team member shares a video with you, it will be displayed in your Shared Library and will only be accessible by the team members it was shared with. For example, if you'd like to work on a video privately between you and your manager, share it with them so you can both view and edit it together. 


Here's a video walkthrough of your Workspace:

🔐 For peace of mind

Remember, all videos you record with Loom are set to private by default. They will remain private until you choose to share, or move them to your Team Library.

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