How to record directly from your Gmail thread

Bring Loom into your day to day workflow our new Gmail integration. 📧

This allows you to start your Loom recording directly from the Gmail composer, creating a more efficient and effective way to get your message across via email. 

Here's how to do this:

  1. From the Gmail composer, you'll see a Loom icon in your toolbar. 


  2. Click the Loom icon to reveal two options:

    👉 Insert last recording: This will allow you to preview your last recorded video, then click to embed the animated preview into your email. 

    Record a new video: This will start the Loom Chrome Extension, from where you can record as normal, then once you're done, click the green tick to end.

    Your video will process instantly within your Gmail browser. The magic here is that you won't need to leave Gmail and go to your Loom account to retrieve your video. 


  3. And that's it! Simply hit send to share your video. All without leaving your Gmail inbox.

This makes it much easier to bring Loom into your day-to-day email flow and reduces context-switching for more effective communication. 

👋 Tip: Wave or gesture at the start of your video to add movement to your animated GIF thumbnail. This helps capture the attention of your recipient to drive more views.


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Happy recording! 🎥😄

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