How to use Loom's different capture modes

Choose the capture mode that works for you. 🎥

When recording with the Loom desktop app or Loom Chrome extension, you can choose between 3 capture modes: Screen and Camera, Screen Only, and Camera Only.


1. Screen and Camera

This will capture your screen, or chosen window, along with your camera bubble.

2. Screen Only 

Narrate what is on your screen, without your camera bubble visible.

3. Camera Only  

Cam only capture mode allows you to present directly to the camera. 


Can I switch between capture modes?

You can only switch between Screen only and Screen + Camera while recording. 

If you would like to add your camera back into a recording you can do so by clicking the 🎥 icon from your recording menu. If you want to remove your camera while recording, click the X underneath your camera bubble.


⚠️ Please note if you want to add or remove your camera bubble while recording you will need to have your Recording Menu enabled. 

You can also swap to display your avatar 👤
If you're feeling a little camera-shy, you can switch to display your avatar instead. This adds a personal touch when you don't feel like being in front of the camera.
Steps to switch to your avatar:

Desktop app Chrome Extenstion
  1. Hover over your camera bubble.
  2. Click the 👤 icon to turn on your avatar and then the camera icon to return back to camera mode, as shown below:


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Happy recording! 🎥😄

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