How to privately share a video through your Shared Library

Invite other Workspace members to view and edit a video privately in your Shared Library. πŸ—ƒ

If you'd like to collaborate privately on a video, you can invite specific team members to view and edit your recording through our Invite to edit feature. 

This action will move your video to a private Shared Library of videos only you and your selected teammates have access to. Here you can review and edit the recordings together without your wider team having access.  

Your Shared Library functions differently from your Team Library in that everyone in your Workspace can see the videos in your Team Library, but they can't in your Shared Library. Looking to discuss private feedback with your teammate or ask your manager a discreet question? Share your video privately and find it in the Shared Library.

Here's how to invite a team member to edit your video privately:

  1. From your personal video library, hover over the video you'd like to invite your teammate to edit. Click the three-dot menu, and select Invite to edit.


  2. An invite module will appear where you can enter the email of your teammate and click Send Invite. They will then receive an email advising this video is now in their share folder and is ready to be viewed and collaborated on. 


  3.  From here, the video will move to both your shared libraries where you can work collaboratively on this video privately. All team members you've shared this with will be able to edit the title, trim, change CTAs etc. 


  4. If you'd prefer to share it publicly, you can instead click Copy Link and share this via your preferred channel. 

Changed your mind? You can revoke access. 

If you no longer want to collaborate on this video, it's easy to remove access. Simply go back to the Invite To Edit menu and click Remove next to the user's name. Once you remove everyone, this video will move back to your Personal Library and no longer be viewable or editable by anyone on your team.

🎯Example Use Case for the Shared Video folder: 

The Marketing Team is sending out a video but first, they need to work jointly on confirming the video title, CTA, thumbnail, and trims before they can share it with the wider team. By sharing it privately they can make sure they're happy with it before moving to their Team folder.  

 Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here.   

Happy recording! πŸŽ₯ πŸ˜„

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