Copyright infringement & DMCA takedown requests

We take copyright infringement very seriously. 

If another Loom user has used the Loom recorder to infringe on your copyright or has violated your terms of service, you can file a takedown request with the DMCA

Once you've reported your case of copyright infringement to the DMCA, Loom will promptly take down the infringing material once we're notified by the DMCA. Loom will ban accounts who infringe on others’ copyright. 


What is the DMCA?

The DMCA gives copyright owners a simple and straightforward way to get their content removed from websites that don't have permission to use it. In our case, if someone has breached your terms of service or copyright using Loom video.

What is a DMCA Notice?
DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A DMCA notice informs a company that they are hosting or linking to material that infringes on another person or company's copyright. The party that receives this notice is obligated to take down the material as soon as possible.
Where can I file my DMCA notice and how long will it take?
You can file a takedown request here

Once we receive a request, we can take down the material within the day the request is received.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we'd be happy to help! 


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