How to upload a profile photo

Upload a profile photo to personalize your Loom account. πŸ‘€

Your profile photo helps your video viewers easily identify who the video is from. If you're feeling a little camera-shy, you can also record with Screen Only capture mode to have your picture displaying in the bottom left instead of your camera enabled. This makes your Loom recording a little more personal.

Manage your profile photos from your Account Settings

  1. Go to your Account & Preferences by clicking on the avatar on the top right corner of any Loom's page.


  2. Click on the photo icon under Name and photos.

  3. Upload a photo from your computer.

  4. All done! 

A few notes & tips... 

    • You can delete each photo by clicking on the πŸ—‘ icon available when hovering over each photo.

    • You can re-organize your photos by dragging them to a different order.

    • Your current profile picture is always public, meaning that non-Loom users can see it if they have access to one of your videos.


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Happy recording!πŸŽ₯ πŸ˜„

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