Where to find invoice and receipts

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From the Plan & Billing tab in your Workspace Settings, you can download your invoices, change your billing information and update the credit card on file. 

Please note

Invoices will be emailed to workspace admins every month or year (based on the billing cycle and billing changes made). If the email you received contains an expired invoice link, please follow the steps below.

How to download your invoices or receipt 

  1. Visit your Plan & Billing page from your Workspace settings. 
  2. Under Billing History, click Download 
  3. From here you can access your invoice or receipt as a PDF.



How do I add my VAT?
You can add your VAT by clicking Edit under Payment Methods.
Why is this not updating on my existing invoices? 
When you update your company name and address, it will only reflect on future invoices. This will not update retrospectively on invoices that have already been issued.
Can I change the email address of who receives my invoices? 
If you are the admin of the workspace, yes! Admins can change the billing email address from the Plan and billing page.

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