Reset your password

If you're unable to access your Loom account, don't worry - we got you! 😉

You may find yourself looking at this error message when trying to log in to your Loom account:


You may be trying to access your Loom account using the incorrect password or you have a connected account (Google/Slack/Outlook) and you're not selecting the correct option. 

  • If you signed up to Loom with an email + password combination:
    You can easily reset your password by selecting the "Forgot password?" option. You will be asked to enter your Loom email address and an email will be sent to you with additional instructions on how to reset your account. 
  • If you signed up to Loom with a connected account (Google, Slack, Outlook):
    In this situation, resetting your password will not work as Loom doesn't actually have a stored password for your account. You will be using your Google, Slack or Outlook credentials to access your Loom account and it is not possible to reset your password in that case. 

Please head back into the log in page and select the correct log in option as per the image below:


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Happy recording!🎥 😄

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