How to reset your password

If you're unable to access your Loom account, don't worry - we got you! 😉

You may find yourself looking at this error message when trying to log in to your Loom account: 


Here's what to do: 

  • Follow this quick link to reset your password
  • Check if you instead have a connected account (Google/Slack/Apple) and you're not selecting the correct option. To update or reset a password, go to account settings. For example, if you sign up with Google Auth, you'll need to log in this way. 
  • Passwords must be fewer than 72 characters long.

If you first signed in with a connected account (Google, Slack, Apple), you'll need to go through the reset password flow below to create a password. This will send an email to your inbox to help you create a password.


After following the email instructions, you can head back into the log in page and select the correct log in option as per the image below:


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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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