Hide the recording controls

For a clean and polished recording! 🧹

Hiding your recording controls will help you achieve a cleaner look for your videos. Plus, you can use Loom's keyboard shortcuts to control your recording. 😁

This article will show you how to do this for both the Loom Chrome Extension and Desktop App.

Chrome Extension 

  1. You can disable the entire control menu via your Advanced Recording Settings

  2. Disabling the Control Menu option in your recording settings will disable the recording controls for the entirety of your recording.
  3. You can also use the "..." button next to your camera bubble to hide the control menu. Clicking on this button will not completely disable the control menu, it will only hide it. You can bring it back at any point during the recording.


Loom Desktop App 

You can choose to permanently hide your menu controls on your Loom Desktop App from within your preferences.

Here's how:

  1. Open the Loom Desktop App
  2. Click the three dots in the top right to open your menu, select 'Preferences'
  3. Toggle off 'Show menu controls'.


Please note - if you disable your control menu, you'll need to use the keyboard shortcuts to control your recording.
  • Start/Stop Recording =  command/control + Shift + P
  • Pause/Resume Recording =  alt/option + Shift + P
  • Cancel Recording =  alt/option + Shift + P

Happy recording! 😄 🎥

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