How to configure your video settings: Disable comments, emoji reactions, downloads and more

Customize how people see and interact with your video. 💡

You can customize how your viewer sees your recording from your video settings by enabling/disabling the below features.

How to access your video settings

    1. From your Library, open the video you wish to edit settings for. 
    2. Then hover over the right-hand side of the video and click Edit. Scroll down and open Video Settings.
    3. From here, you can toggle each option on or off based on your preference.
    4. You can also Set default settings here, so you don't have to worry about editing your settings every time you record a new video. 


↪️ Please note that your default settings will only be applied to newly recorded videos. 

Understanding your video settings

  • Comments and email notifications

    Choose if you'd like the comment field to display below your video. Once toggled off, your recipient cannot reply directly to the video page. 

  • Emoji reactions 

    Choose to allow your viewer to add their real-time reactions while watching your video. Once disabled, this will hide all past emoji reactions. 

  • Animate thumbnail (GIF)

    Choose for your video to display with an animated GIF preview. 


  • Viewer can download

    Choose if your video can be downloaded by your viewer. 


  •  Recommended Playback Speed

    Choose what speed you want your viewer to watch your video at. Note that viewers can change the playback speed if they wish. 


  • Show video analytics to the viewer

    Choose if you'd like your viewer to see how many times the video has been viewed. 


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Happy recording! 🎥 😄

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