How to archive your videos

Clear up your Personal Library with ease.  ♻️

It's really easy to archive your Loom videos when you no longer want them to display in your Personal Library dashboard.

If you're looking for your archive folder? It's here

Here's how to archive your recording:

  • Click the three dots then select Archive.


  • Drag the video to your Archive folder in the bottom left of your My Videos library.


Archive multiple videos at once

  • Start by selecting the videos or folders you would like to archive. You can use our multi-select tool to select multiple items.
  • Once you're happy with your selection, drag these to your Archive folder. 


Restoring videos and folders

It is possible to restore videos and folders to their original location.

  • In your Archived page, select the items you'd like to restore, click the three dots menu and select Unarchive.

  • The items you've chosen will now appear in your Personal Library once again.

  • You can also choose Delete to permanently delete this recording.


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Happy recording! 🎥😄

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