How to archive your videos

Clear up your Personal Library with ease.  ♻️

It's really easy to archive your Loom videos when you no longer want them to display in your Personal Library dashboard.

⚠️ Does your UI look different? Check out the article with instructions here.

If you're looking for your archive folder? It's here

Here's how to archive your recording:

  • Click the three dots then select Archive.


  • Drag the video to your Archive folder in the bottom left of your My Videos library.


Archive multiple videos at once

  • Start by selecting the videos or folders you would like to archive. You can use our multi-select tool to select multiple items.
  • Once you're happy with your selection, drag these to your Archive folder. 


Restoring videos and folders

It is possible to restore videos and folders to their original location.

  • In your Archived page, select the items you'd like to restore, click the three dots menu and select Unarchive.

  • The items you've chosen will now appear in your Personal Library once again.

  • You can also choose Delete to permanently delete this recording.


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Happy recording! 🎥😄

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