Loom Chrome extension permissions request

We know it seems scary that we ask for these permissions. A common function of Chrome extensions is the ability for our scripts to run in the pages you visit (Chrome calls these "content scripts").

Unfortunately, this means that Chrome must disclose that, if you do not trust the developers of the extension you are installing, they do have access to read and access all site data.

There are ways to limit this access to only certain websites, but since we must allow people to record anywhere they go on the web, and we have UI that lives on the page itself for recording settings, we must be able to have our code run on any website. If you visit "chrome://extensions" in your browser, you may be surprised to find that perhaps many of your extensions require very similar permissions.

Rest assured that we take user privacy and security very seriously. We are in it for the user first and foremost and to make a better product that simplifies your life and adds real value to it. Don't take our word for it though! Take a look at the awesome reviews we've been lucky to garner over time:

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If you have any specific questions about our privacy policy, we have a legal page that's linked in the footer of our homepage. 


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Happy recording! 🎥😄

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