Gmail <> Loom: Embed video into your email

You can simply embed your Loom video into the body of your email in just 2 clicks.  📥

We wanted to enable more efficient and effective communication in a somewhat antiquated experience. So we created Loom's Gmail integration. 🎉

How it works 

You can paste a Loom link into your Gmail composer and it will automatically expand to display an embedded thumbnail. This is eye-catching and gives your recipient a preview of what's to come. 

To facilitate Gmail Link Expanding, you must have the Loom Chrome Extension installed. By having this installed, you unlock the ability for the Chrome Extension to recognize Loom links and display them as an embedded thumbnail. 

🗳Install Loom Chrome Extension here

How to activate Loom for Gmail 


How to add a Loom videos to your Gmail message

  1. All you have to do is create a new message and paste in your Loom link.

  2. The link will automatically expand to an embed thumbnail. It will display the content embedded on the receiver's end if they also have the Loom Chrome Extension installed.

    It's really that simple! 👇

Tip ✨ Wave or gesture at the start of your video to add movement to your animated GIF thumbnail
 Happy recording!🎥 😄
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