[Security] How secure are my videos?

How we have structured our servers, the security protocols we adhere to, and who has access to your videos. 🔐

We take security very seriously here at Loom. Like all relationships, we realize our relationship with you is built on trust. We went above and beyond before launching our product to take the proper security precautions to help you trust us right from the beginning. 

Where your videos live and how secure they are 

  • Our servers sit behind a secure firewall and all videos are uploaded over an SSL-encrypted websocket.
  • The videos are associated with unique IDs that would take a computer years to guess.
  • If you ever want your content removed, we offer both a way to archive (take down a public URL) and delete (completely remove a file from our systems).

Who has access to the Loom videos I record?

You're not alone in asking this question. We get it all the time. The only person who has access to the videos you record are you.

You would have to explicitly share your videos with an individual for them to find and watch any video you record. Your videos are not searchable.

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Happy recording!  🎥😃

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