How to contact Loom Support

We're only a Loom video away. 💁

If you're experiencing issues with Loom or have a question about how our recording tool works, our dedicated Support Team is here to help!

If you can't find what you're looking for in our Help Center, here's two ways to contact us:

  1. Submit a request through our help center contact form here(preferred)

  2. Contact Form 

    1. From your My Videos page, click the '?' icon in the bottom right.

    2. Select 'Get Help' 

    3. Fill in your query's details using our form. This helps us understand how to better assist you and we appreciate all the details you can provide about your question.

  3. Email Us

    Alternativelyyou can also email us at 💌(please make sure this is from the email address connected to your Loom account).

Keep in mind the more detail you provide, the easier it will be for our team to understand the problem and assist you right away!

To help us assist you faster, please include: 

  • As much detail as possible about the issue you're facing or the question you want to ask. 
  • A Loom video showing us the issue, so we can see what you're seeing. 
    • If you're having trouble with the Loom App, try recording the behavior you're seeing via the Loom Chrome Extension
    • If you're having issues with the Loom Chrome Extension, try recording this behavior via the Loom App. This will help us immensely! 
  • The specification of your device.
  • The troubleshooting steps you’ve tried so far.

Questions, comments, concerns? Contact us here 👈

Happy recording! 🎥😄

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