Organizing your Team Library Folders

It's easy to organize your Loom videos. 🗂

Creating folders in your Team or Personal Library allows you to neatly organize your Loom videos. 

With different team members adding to your Team Library, a well-structured space can make all the difference.  Here are some ways to organize your Team Library:

  • By client 
  • By department type (Sales, Engineering, Marketing)
  • By video type (i.e bug reports, client call, training and onboarding)  

💡 Keep in mind

Your folder will order by date created and your videos within these respective folders will order chronologically.

How to create a new folder

  1. From your Team or Personal Library, in the top right click New Folder.


  2. To add a folder to your Team Library, you can also create a new folder in your Personal Library then drag it your Team Space.

How to organize your folders

Star your folder for easy access later

If this is a folder you visit frequently, add it to your star list for quick access later.  Your starred folders will appear in the Starred section on your left side menu of your Personal Library. If you'd like to remove it, simply click Unstar


Sharing folders outside your team
If you'd like to share a group of videos outside of your team, click Make Public to generate a public link. Anyone with this link can view the videos included in this folder, no sign-in required. To remove access simply, click Make Private.

Delete, archive, or rename your folder
These actions can be taken from the drop-down menu. The archive action will move your video to your Archived folder. The delete action is permanent and can't be reversed.

To delete a folder, first select Archive from the folder options. Then go into your Archived folder to delete it permanently. To locate your Archived folder, navigate to the bottom left of your Personal Library. We've added this extra step as a safeguard in case you'd like to recover any videos later.


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Happy recording! 🎥😄

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