How to navigate your Personal Library

Wondering where to begin exploring the world of quick videos? We're here to guide you through your Personal Library. 🎥

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Your Personal Library 

Your Personal Library is where all your Loom videos and folders live. Once you finish recording, your video will automatically process and appear in your Personal Library.

You can create folders to organize your videos and star them for quick access.


Your library is divided into three main sections:

  • All Files: where you can manage your Folders and Loom Videos.
  • Left Sidebar: where you can quickly access your Personal, Shared, and Team Libraries as well as Starred items, Archived videos, and Settings.
  • Top Navigation Bar: where you can access your account settings and other Loom pages (Use cases, Help Center, Careers, Loom Blog).

Video folders

  • Folders allow you to neatly organize your Loom videos from your Personal Library.
  • You can move, star, and rename your folders. Just keep in mind that your videos will populate in chronological order within their respective folders.

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Happy recording! 🎥😄

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