Loom Basic video limit explained

What happens when I hit my Loom Basic Video Limit? 

If your video library reaches the video limit of 25 videos, and you are on a Loom Basic planyour oldest videos will be archived.

To regain access to your recordings, you can delete videos to free up space or upgrade to Loom Pro for unlimited storage.

Where do I find my video limit if I'm on Loom Basic? 

On your My Videos page, in the top right the counter represents the number of <videos recorded> / <active video limit>.

For example, if you see 17/25, it means you've recorded 17 videos and your video limit is 25.



Why do some users have more video storage? 

It all depends on when you registered your Loom account. If you were already a Loom user before we launched Loom Pro in early 2019, you were gifted higher video storage in appreciation of the time you've spent with Loom.

What if someone tries to watch one of my inactive videos?
Loom will always message you if someone requests access to one of your inactive videos to give you the opportunity to re-activate the video.


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