Share groups of videos with Public Folders

You can share a view-only link to a¬†public folder¬†containing one or multiple videos.¬†ūüďā

Public folders are particularly useful for sharing information with your entire team or customers. 

How to share a folder?  

There are two ways to create a public folder from your My Videos page:

  1. Clicking on the New Public Folder button on the top right side of your dashboard

  2. Click the Share button on a private folder to create a public link. From here, a new sharing modal will appear containing the public link to the folder you chose to share.

    This public link grants access to the folder's content without requiring sign-in.

    Share this link with whom you'd like to view your group of videos. 


How to unshare a folder and revoke access?

You can bring back the sharing modal at any time  to change access by clicking the Share icon on each folder.

  • Select the 'Unshare'¬†button to instantly unshare the folder and prevent anyone from further accessing its contents.
  • Once¬†unshared, the folder will remain inaccessible until you decide to share it again in the future.


How do I know which folders are shared? 

Each shared folder will have a distinguishable icon representing their shared status, see below:


What is the difference between Public and Private folders? 

  • Private folders and their contents are only accessible by you, the account owner.
  • A public folder is accessible by anyone who has the¬†public link¬†associated with the folder. Other users can't modify the contents of the folder and they can only watch the videos in the folder itself and in any sub-folder.

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