How to share groups of videos with public folders

You can share a view-only link to a public folder containing one or multiple videos. 📂

Public folders are particularly useful for sharing information with your entire team or customers. 

How to share a folder 

To share a folder, first go to your Personal Library:

  • Click on the New Folder button on the top right side of your dashboard. 

  • From there, select Make public from the dropdown menu of the folder you want to make public.


  • Clicking the Share button on a private folder to create a public link. From here, a new sharing modal will appear containing the public link to the folder you chose to share.

    This public link grants access to the folder's content without requiring sign-in.

    Share this link with whom you'd like to view your group of videos. 


How can I unshare a folder and revoke access?

You can bring back the sharing modal at any time to change access by clicking the Share icon on each folder.

  • Select the Unshare button to instantly unshare the folder and prevent anyone from further accessing its contents.
  • Once unshared, the folder will remain inaccessible until you decide to share it again in the future.


How can I move a folder to my Shared or Team Library?

You can share your folder straight to your Shared or Team Library using the Move option from the dropdown menu.


What is the difference between Public and Private folders? 

  • Private folders and their contents are only accessible by you, the account owner.
  • A public folder is accessible by anyone who has the public link associated with the folder. Other users can't modify the contents of the folder and they can only watch the videos in the folder itself and in any sub-folder.

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