How to embed your video into a webpage

To allow your Loom video to play natively within your webpage, you can use our embed code. 🖥️

This provides a seamless experience for your visitors to watch your Loom recording without having to leave your website.

Here's how to embed your Loom recording into a webpage:

  1. From your video's share page, click Share above the video and click Embed.Embed_Gif..gif

    Make sure the privacy settings are set as "anyone with the link can view" so that your video is easily accessible and watchable by all viewers. 

  2. Choose between Responsive or Fixed Size HTML code.

  3. Click Copy Code then paste the code into your website text editor. You might find that your code will change slightly when pasting it, resulting in an error message. This can be fixed by pasting the code specifically into an HTML block.

  4. From here, the Loom player with your video will play embedded in your webpage. 

Embed URL Parameters

You can hide and alter your embedded video by appending the video's embed code using the parameters listed below. 



Video Share Link: Hides the button that links out to the video URL. hide_share=true
Embed Top Bar: Hides the top bar of the embedded video which includes the title, owner, and share link. hideEmbedTopBar=true
Title: Hides the video title. hide_title=true 
Owner: Hides the video creator's avatar before the video plays. hide_owner=true
Timestamps: Start the video at a specified timestamp. t=80s or t=1m20s
Mute: Starts the video muted. muted=1 or muted=true 
Autoplay: Immediately plays the embedded video (learn more here). autoplay=1 or autoplay=true


How to add Embed Parameters 

At the end of your Loom URL link, you'll want to add the ? symbol in front of the first parameter. If you have multiple parameters, you'll want to separate them with &


Example with title, views, CTA, and share module visible (default):

Example with all elements hidden:  



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Happy recording! 😃 🎥

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