Embed your video into a webpage

To allow your Loom video to play natively within your webpage, you can use our embed code.🖥️

This provides a seamless experience to your visitors to watch your Loom recording without having to leave your website.

Follow these steps to embed your Loom Recording: 

  1. From your video page, select the Share arrow then click the Embed option.

  2. Choose between Responsive or Fixed Size HTML code.

  3. Copy Code then paste this code into your website text editor.
  4. From here, the Loom player with your video should display on your page.

Here's a great example of an embedded Loom video from the HubSpot Sales Process CRM.👇


If you'd like your Loom video to autoplay or start at a specific time, this article, this article will show you how.  

Happy sharing! 😃 🎥

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