Differences: Loom Pro and Loom Basic

A side-by-side comparison of our Loom Basic and Loom Pro features 🚀

Loom Pro enhances your recording experience with a number of premium features. 

This includes unlimited storage, crystal clear HD recording, click emphasis, drawing tools, custom recording size, call-to-actions, custom thumbnails, detailed analytics and so much more. 

Loom Pro is available for $10/mo, or $8/mo for an annual subscription.

Plan Breakdown  


For the complete feature breakdown, please visit our Pricing page

This video will show you the features available currently for Loom Pro users. 


Can I use the desktop app with the Loom Basic free plan?

Yes, Loom Basic users can use the desktop app, but you won't have access to all the features.

Can I record HD with the Chrome Extension if I'm on Loom Pro? 
Unfortunately not, this is a limitation of Chrome and one of the reasons we built the desktop app.
How much is Loom Pro? 
$10 per month, or $96 annually. More on pricing here.



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