How to stitch video clips together

Use our stitch feature can combine videos (made by yourself or others) into one!

clips together will allow you to:

    • Create content collaboratively (stitch Looms with others)
    • Create cross-platform videos (stitch mobile+desktop Looms)
    • Create Looms with reusable content (stitch in an intro or outro for sale demos)
    • Add a topic into a Loom (stitch in the content you forgot to mention) 

Here's how to Stitch:

  1. Open the video share page of the video you are looking to add clips into.
  2. After recording, click Edit from the video side panel and then Trim and stitch.
    Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 7.32.29 PM.png
  3. From here, you will want to click Add Clips again under your video. You can then choose which video you want to stitch by:
    → Selecting a video from a list of your recently created Looms
    → Search your existing Loom by keyword
    → Directly add a Loom URL for a video that you or someone else has created

  4. Once you have selected a video, you will see that the video has been added as a clip to your existing video. If you wish to reorder your clips, you can do so by clicking the arrows below each clip.
    Rearrage clips.gif

  5. Repeat the process if you would like to add more clips. 
  6. Once you are finished editing, click save, and you’re all done! 👏

Stitch Limitations

If you are on a Starter-free plan or have a Creator Lite role, stitched videos will be subject to a 5-minute video limit. This means if you stitch videos together and the entire video duration of the stitched video exceeds five minutes, you'll have to trim the video to 5-minutes or less. 


What video clips can I stitch together?  
You can stitch any videos you or other teammates have created (this includes creators outside of your workspace)!

If you want to stitch a video from another creator, you will need the following: the video URL, access to view, and the video will need “Viewers can stitch video” enabled. 
What happens to the original video of clips added? 
Nothing! No changes will be made to the original video source of clips added. 
How do I allow others to add my video as a clip? 
Anyone can add your video as a clip as long as they have the video URL and your video has Viewers can stitch this video to others enabled in your Video settings. 
How do I block others from adding my video as a clip? 
If you don’t want your video to be accessible to other creators for stitching, all you need to do is toggle off Stitch from Video settings. This will prevent others from being able to add your video as a clip to theirs. If you wish for none of your videos to be added by others, set your Default settings with Stitch disabled. 


Can I re-order trims within a video clip?
No, you will only be able to re-order video clips added. For example, if you trim out a video part in an added clip, as seen below, you will only be able to move that entire video clip, not the trims within the clip. 

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